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Chippewas of Sarnia Industrial Park

Creating Opportunities

The strategy of the Chippewas of Sarnia First Nations band is to create:

  • employment opportunities for community members
  • revenue for further development
  • self-sufficiency for the band
  • an environment for partnerships and joint venture opportunities
  • an environment to enhance aboriginal entrepreneurship
  • opportunities to participate in the mainstream economy

Leasing Options

  • Under a property lease the band would assume ownership of the building at the end of the term agreement
  • Lot and building(s) constructed to the tenant's specifications
  • Lot and basic structure where the tenant has the responsibility to complete construction of the building(s) as leasehold improvements

What Tenants Pay

  • Land rental fees are negotiated on the basis of fair market value and a percentage of the appraised value per acre
  • Building rental fees are based on the value of the facilities and are usually changed on a per square footage basis.
  • Building service fees are based on the number of linear feet of lot frontage
  • Service fees reflect the costs incurred for the operation and maintenance of the park

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