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Chippewas of Sarnia Industrial Park
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Municipal Watermains

Existing watermains are looped through Phase 1 from City of Sarnia

  • Watermains will be extended into each phase as developed
  • Watermains can be extended for specific sites outside the limit of serviced phases on request if economically feasible
  • City of Sarnia charges flat consumption rate to small users of water
  • Heavy water consumers are metered and are charged on consumption
Sanitary Services

2 existing pumping stations serve the industrial development

The industrial park pumps into the Sarnia municipal system

Phase 1 and Phase 1A have sanitary sewers with the exception of the isolated southerly block of Phase 1

Certain industries could be developed on septic tanks outside the area serviced by municipal sewers

Existing sanitary services will be extended to future phases

Storm Water Facilities

Industrial areas are drained by road side ditches which connect to municipal drains

  • Existing ditches will be upgraded as future phases are developed
  • All phases of industrial development will be drained by open ditches, to the extent it is technically feasible
  • Roadside drainage will be constructed in each phase as it develops
Hydro Facilities
  • Hydro service to suit tenant needs can generally be made available throughout the Industrial Development Area
  • Hydro facilties will be extended into each phase as they develop
Natural Gas
  • Union Gas is prepared to provide services to any customer within the industrial area
  • It is anticipated that the demand for gas service within each phase will warrant full servicing

Maintenance of Municipal Services

  • An agreement with the City of Sarnia provides for maintenance of sanitary and water distribution facilties
Light Industrial Land Uses
  • Uses which do not include visible open storage
  • Includes workshops, warehousing, service shops, processing, manufacturing and assembling operations, laboratories and research facilities, communication facilities, printing and publishing plants, repair garages, commercial greenhouses and commercial service facilities
Heavy Industrial
Production and processing of primary metal, wood and paper products, non-metallic mineral products and chemical products, construction yards, truck or transportation terminals, railway uses and motor vehicle body shop
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