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Chippewas of Sarnia Industrial Park

Proposed Phases

  • Phase 1 is fully serviced with the exception of the "southerly block" by the rail line which has no sanitary services or natural gas.
  • Phase IA has municipal sanitary and water services, excellent hydro facilities but no natural gas.
  • Phase II is scheduled for development
  • Phase III, IV, and V - These are scheduled for future development

Market Evaluation

  • Gas and oil pipelines from Canada's western oilfields pass through the United States south of Lake Superior and cross back into Canada at Sarnia
  • The St. Clair River and Lake Huron provide processing and cooling water of desired quality and temperatures in large quantities
  • Economical transportation by water is provided by the St. Lawrence Seaway system
  • Complementary industries are attracted because of supplies of industrial products used by manufacturing operations
  • Salt beds lying between 1500 and 2700 feet below the surface are a source of chemicals for major industries. Abandoned mines provide economical storage for industrial chemicals and gases.


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